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Petwell Partners

Petwell Partners believes that pets deserve the highest quality of medical care. To support that mission, Petwell focuses on investing in veterinary clinics that support their local communities and integrating them into the Petwell community to build a world of happy and healthy pets.

With Petwell Partners, we were responsible for helping with various design and marketing needs. We assisted in elevating the designs and illustrations of their marketing collateral while still staying authentic to their brand voice and aesthetics.

To personalize the Petwell brand, we created a library of illustrations to support their marketing collateral. We designed a variety of animals in a range of colors to utilize for various branding and marketing needs. We also adjusted the layout and scale of their marketing materials in order to reflect a more modern and dynamic design.

Marketing Materials


Clinic Posters

The Vallure team is so helpful, kind, and talented. We’ve been very impressed with all of the work they’ve created for us. We would definitely recommend them to other businesses looking to outsource design and marketing work!

Liza Shadrin, Digital Marketing Manager

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